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My Favourite Things by Chris Sullivan : Part 2

In this second posting, DJ, club promoter, director, stylist, author, artist and documentarian selects some key records from his personal collection discussing the influence they had on his life and the stories which accompany them.

Sullivan has been an integral part of London’s night life since the heady days of the infamous Blitz nightclub headed up by Steve Strange and Rusty Egan. Big on the soul scene in the 70s, he was a contemporary of Spandau Ballet and Boy George, forming his own band Blue Rondo À La Turk and for 20 years ran the legendary Wag Club in London’s Soho earning the title of ‘nightclub vampire’ by GQ Magazine.

With his DJ hat on, Chris has also compiled a playlist for MAG_BTM including some of the tracks he will be talking about and others besides. So for now, kick back and let someone else do the talking…..

  1. Hijack by Herbie Mann, 1975

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  2. Talking Books by Stevie Wonder, 1972

  3. ‘off white’ by James White and the Blacks, 1979

  4. Chewing the Fat by Blue Rondo a la Turk, 1982