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A dedicated home for music memorabilia, exploring the past, present and future of music archives. Find your own piece of the story.


  • Louisa Grasso


    MAG founder Louisa Grasso started her Career as a Concert Promoter in Italy in the 80s, managing shows including some of the biggest names of the music industry: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Duran Duran to name but a few. For eight years, Louisa acted as Global Business Manager for Sony Music’s Italian N˚1 female rock artist, brokering multi-million euro licensing, touring and sponsorship deals. Louisa has also worked extensively with both museums and galleries. She owned and founded a photographic gallery in London’s West End, consulting and managing content for clients such as Getty Images. Today, Louisa acts as Strategic Cultural Advisor for Future Olympia and runs The Cultural Broker, a company that promotes major exhibitions from private collections focused on immersive art and new technologies.

    During the 1986-1987 World Tour, Michael Jackson gave me one of his gloves as a gift of friendship. If only I hadn’t given it away…!

  • Shelley Warren

    Content Manager

    Shelley has worked across a range of music genres both in PR and at Island Records. Joining forces later with photographer Adrian Boot they set up Exhibit-A, a digital scanning & exhibition company. The Jimi Hendrix Estate commissioned them to curate, produce and tour seven editions of ‘The Ultimate Experience’, exhibition which toured globally for over eight years. Further clients included the Bob Marley and Elvis Presley Estates alongside self produced exhibitions such as ReggaeXplosion and Punkculture which toured internationally. She later toured ‘Was there Then’, the Oasis exhibition by Jill Furmanovsky’s and curated ‘Inspirational Times’ a Rock Art exhibition for Sothebys. For many years Shelley was CEO of the Arts Foundation which supports artists in the UK.

    I couldn’t help keeping this iconic signed poster produced for the Hendrix exhibition by Gered Mankowitz and David Costa. It’s always been on the wall at home!

  • Eleonora Andrighetto

    Writer - Jr Content Manager

    Eleonora graduated in History of Contemporary Art in 2019, pursuing her MA degree with a study on the use of AR as an artistic medium, an academic first on the topic within the institution. Based in Italy, she is trained in Content Management & Copywriting, and today she writes content for MAG Beyond The Music, and supports content management. She consolidated her knowledge in storytelling and exhibitions working with The Cultural Broker Ltd., managing research & coordination.

    Worn-out and distressed by many proud years of non-stop wearing, my Mothership t-shirt came with the first Led Zeppelin box-set I was gifted in my teen years.Ever since, I’ve been passionate about all kinds of music, but Led Zeppelin will always hold a special place in my heart. Once a fan, forever a fan!

  • Charlotte Harding


    Charlotte is a cultural writer and editor, working in print and digital editorial, including for British Journal of Photography, AnOther and Soho House. Based in London, Charlotte completed a master’s in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths in 2015 to further explore perspectives on audio-visual mediums, critical ethnography, and the politics and aesthetics of representation.

    45’s from my mum’s vinyl collection. For me, some of my strongest music memories are as a child in the living room listening to records and CDs; dad playing Lighthouse Family and Seal on repeat, countless hours dancing with mum to Groove is in the Heart by Dee- Lite and innumerable songs danced to with friends in crowded places, the list goes on and on...

  • Isobel Work


    Isobel is an accomplished stylist, with extensive knowledge of curating, managing and building archives. She has worked over the past 30 years with some of the world's leading performing artists and her knowledge and interest in the arts, costume, design, photography, and film bring a wealth of experience to MAG.

  • Chris Sullivan


    Chris is a DJ, author, journalist, nightclub host, pop star, painter, style commentator, entrepreneur and fashion designer.

    ‘This record, Hijack from Herbie Mann, was life changing for me, marking my transition from northern soul into funk. I heard it at Maison Royale in Bournemouth in 1975 and impressed a group of lads so much with my fast footwork while dancing to it that they invited me to London to club on the Kings Road called Crackers which played funk all night. Those guys became friends for life. That type of music inspired the whole vision of the WAG club and was one of the main records I played there.’