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Section of the collectible 54 trading card set from LOONA's concert "[LOONAVERSE : FROM]".Photo courtesy of Taylor of 'Kpopcds'

Seoul to Scotland: The collection of a K-pop Connoisseur

The ‘korean wave’ has spread K-pop all over the world. In one of several articles dedicated to Korean pop culture, we chatted to Taylor of ‘Kpopcds’ , a fanatic and passionate Scottish collector. Taylor gives us a rundown of the latest merchandise and fandom trends in international pop culture’s most innovative scene.

Girls Generation Music Video

  1. Taylor of Kpopcds most treasured items!

    A signed copy of LOONA member Choerry’s self-titled solo debut single “Choerry”. As I mentioned earlier, around mid-2017 I decided to collect all things LOONA and I wanted to collect signed copies of all of their albums. Choerry was the 8th member to be revealed and I hadn’t had any issues getting signed copies of the others. I guess LOONA’s company didn’t send out as many promo copies of Choerry’s CD as they’re definitely the hardest to come across. The album was released in July 2017 and I didn’t find one until December 2018. I know of only 2 other collectors who own a genuine promo signed copy of that CD.

    Not Choerry but artist IU’s photobook “LILAC” along with the corresponding poster.Photo courtesy of Taylor of ‘Kpopcds’

  2. A signed copy of SoRi’s debut solo single “Touch”. SoRi was a member of the duo CoCoSoRi (made up of members CoCo and SoRi) and both went solo around August/September 2018. The duo wasn’t very popular and both members crowdfunded their solo singles. I hadn’t actually heard of them at the time but did see SoRi’s solo crowdfunding project. I really enjoyed her debut single and tried to find a signed copy everywhere but I don’t think her company gave out any promotional copies and nobody who joined the crowdfunding project put their signed copy up for sale (and I searched for one often!). Over the next few years, I backed SoRi’s other crowdfunding projects and emailed back and forth with her company a few times. I simply asked them in 2020 if I could buy a signed copy of the CD from them and they agreed since I’d supported her for a long time. The signed CD arrived around the 2nd anniversary of the song and SoRi had even personalised the CD by writing my name on it.


    Photocard binders. Photo courtesy of Taylor of ‘Kpopcds’

  3. The promotional CD version of Yerin Baek’s single “Bye Bye My Blue”. The single was mostly a digital-only release (which as a collector I think is a crime!), however there was a ‘Kihno card’ version released physically. It was basically just a credit-card sized NFC chip that worked with a mobile application to allow access to the song. There was a ‘promo’ CD version of the single given out to music broadcasting staff – however I don’t think there were very many of them. I first spotted one for sale in 2019 for around $250.00 on a Korean online marketplace after years of searching, but it sold before I could find someone in Korea to buy it on my behalf. I set-up eBay search alerts and it finally paid off in October 2021 when someone listed a copy for sale for $300.00.

    Yerin Baek collection post including the promotional CD version of “Bye Bye My Blue” in the centre.