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Legacy NFTS: Bowie on the Blockchain

The Starman’s Estate partners with NFT marketplace Opensea, Web3 company ‘We Love The Arts’ and nine leading digital artists celebrate David Bowie’s legacy and support the humanitarian organisation CARE.

Announced early this month and finally going live on September 30th, the newest digital venture Bowie on the Blockchain has been called “a first-of-its-kind multiple artist NFT sale”.

In collaboration with NFT marketplace Opensea, where the artworks will be available for purchase, and the new Web3 venture of artist manager Andrew D. Keller of We Few Group and film producer Joaquin Acrich, Bowie on the Blockchain will stage works by nine selected NFT artists, including FEWOCiOUS, Jonathan Wolfe, and Nadya Tolokonnikova, funding member of the global feminist protest art movement Pussy Riot.

Each of the artists involved have created their own unique take on David Bowie paying homage to the artist and his influence. Artist FEWOCiOUS’ hope is that this project will in the future encourage artists to do more with Web3.

“A lot of artists see it as just another business avenue” he said to Billboard, “but if Bowie on the Blockchain goes well it may inspire other legacy artists and estates to explore this field.”

Anyone who knew him knows he would have been one of the first adopters of Web 3.0

Bill Zysblat – David Bowie’s business manager

Commenting on Bowie on the Blockchain, Andrew D. Keller wrote in Rolling Stone:

“The more you think about what the crypto art space really is, the more you realize how ahead of his time Bowie was with some of the ways that he engaged with his fans — be it BowieArt, BowieWorld, Bowie Bonds, BowieNet. He also made digital art himself, and so what excited me was the idea of making people aware of all of these things they probably don’t think about or know about when they think about Bowie, and to me it really became about solidifying his legacy on the blockchain, and creating beautiful, meaningful art. Having our ‘why?’ was so important, and really guided every piece of this process.”

As announced by the estate, 100% of the profits will be donated to CARE, a non-profit organisation fighting to defeat poverty and achieve social justice for which Bowie’s widow Iman serves as a global advocate.