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The ultimate jacket worn by both members of Wham!

This vintage 80’s La Rocka leather and denim rocker jacket comes directly from George Michael’s stylist Alan Keys, with its original red lining, skull buttons, ball and chain zippers buckles and straps. The iconic rock’n’roll studded pattern on the back with Capitol Records’ Gene Vincent – Wild Cat vinyl print makes this item not only a rare stage-worn piece of memorabilia, but also representative piece of London’s fashion history in its own right.

Worn on stage by both Wham! stars George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley on two different occasions, the jacket originally belonged do Alan Keys himself. “The La Rocka jacket look was so catchy and iconic that both Andrew and George were immediately struck by it when they first saw me wearing it backstage.”

As they were shooting the legendary I’m Your Man video in 1986, Ridgeley saw the jacket and begged Alan to borrow it. He ended up wearing it on stage at the Marquee, pulling off a classic Wham! look that framed a fashion era.

Wham! – I’m your man

Ten years after – even after the band split up – George Michael still remembered this particular jacket asking his stylist to borrow it for the shooting of the video for I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) with Aretha Franklyn, which set a milestone in George’s solo career.

George Michael/Aretha Franklin – I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)