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Hologram in the EIM app, © Everything Is Music, courtesy of Everything Is Music

Everything Is Music: the digital museum telling the musical history of Bristol and Bath

In the summer months of 2021, Everything Is Music invited artists, prominent characters, labels, clubs, venues, record stores and festivals that form the fabric of Bristol and Bath’s musical landscape – past and present – to bring to life their stories. Visualising the sights and sounds of these two cities via photographs, video, audio, music and experiences, the project has attracted over 10.000 visitors so far, a source of inspiration to many: empowering archives with mobile technology; supporting and promoting local artist’s work; and adding an extra layer of music history for those visiting the cities to experience with their phone, in a new and engaging way.

From cutting-edge technology and fan knowledge to the importance of cultural geography, we discussed the project with lead manager, Ben Price.

The recording of Dummy – as told by Portishead, © Everything Is Music, courtesy of Everything Is Music

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Big Jeffrey Jones hologram, © Everything Is Music, courtesy of Everything Is Music