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Celebrating Amy Winehouse’s punk attitude with neon artist Mark Illuminati

Available for sale in the MAG Store, the neon artwork Amy Winehouse – Back To Black celebrates the life and work of Amy Winehouse whom Sloper met when she was still a teenager at the very beginning of her career. The piece, as it is in Mark’s style, pays homage to her punk attitude.

The London based artist, aka Mark Illuminati, draws on his real punk roots and lifelong passion for rock music for his dynamic neon art works. It’s a joyful celebration of the legacy of anarchy in the UK with a glamorous contemporary flair.

Using vintage and historic flags, clothing and distressed materials, each neon art piece is hand blown and created in Illuminati’s west London studio. His works are also available in print form with each piece individually painted with customised ornate frames.

From Danny Dyer to Trey Parker, Boy George, Elton John and of course multiple punk icons themselves including members of The Sex Pistols, Mark’s work is collected by musicians, actors and Hollywood stars across the globe who are often seen photographed alongside their new purchase!

  1. “I portrayed her as a ‘Punk Amy’. It resonates with me completely because my childhood hero – Sid Vicious – did the same thing. Got let loose at nineteen, had a bit of money, found the drugs … and that was the end of it. It’s just the ultimate silly punk story.”


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