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The Maestro of jukeboxes

It seems that wherever you go, you will more than likely come across someone who has a story about collecting music related artifacts. And so it was at a party some weeks ago attended by one of our MAG team when Ian, a middle-aged man from Brighton, relayed how his love of American jukeboxes had led him to become an avid collector and restorer. He agreed to show us one of the rarest examples in his collection which is now available for purchase. Here he gives a little background on this rare item.

  1. “This machine played one side of 30 78rpm records which made it one of the highest selection jukeboxes of 1948.”

  2. “Sadly, Filben were locked in lengthy legal battles with Rock-Ola involving the use of patents, and by 1949 ceased production. Only around 900 were produced and today this is seen as one of the most rare and iconic machines of the forties.”


  3. “I sourced this particular jukebox in an unrestored state in California in 1996.”