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An introduction to… NFTs

The acronym NFT has become one of the hot topics of conversations over the past year, adding to the ever-changing crypto-universe and carving a new path in the collecting world. But what exactly is an NFT and how has it gained such stratospheric influence in the public imagination?

In the music industry, NFTs are opening up new ways for artists to engage directly with their fans, from album drops like the early Kings Of Leon’s When you see yourself – accompanied by a limited edition vinyl, according to Rolling Stone – to sharing exclusive content with committed fans via social tokens like Portugal. the Man and their PTM Coins.

When it comes to music collectibles, the NFT landscape has quickly started to populate with a growing number of limited-edition digital items.

From Muse’s Cryptokitties to the band’s latest NFT Simulation theory: Sequences, we have seen a number of players entering the game, including the EDM star Deadmou5, whose faith in web3 is well described by his metaverse venture Pixelynx. Deadmou5 has already dropped several series of his rarez collectibles and, according to, ranked in $4M in NFT sales in January 2022.

Browsing platforms like MakersPlace, Nifty Gateways or the Quincy Jones-backed NFT marketplace OneOf, you will find digital collectibles framing artists like ShakiraIce Cube, and Whitney Huston, whose unreleased recording NFT have generated over $ 1M in sales, according to Music Business Worldwide.

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More recently, great artists’ estates are starting to collaborate with NFT marketplaces – as it is the case of the Christopher Wallace Estate and OneOf Sky’s The Limit collection, which will grant NFT owners access to the members-only Sky’s The Limit collective, where they will share ownership of Biggie’s legendary Fulton Street Freestyle.

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Even digital assets linked to physical memorabilia are now being sold on the blockchain, as we discussed recently covering the phenomenon of turning music memorabilia into NFTs.