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Matt Lee and the Autograph Jacket

Collecting taken to the max : Matt Lee and the Rolling Stones

Guinness World Record holder Matt Lee shares his story and rare gems from his collection in this MAG_BTM’s exclusive video interview.

Since the age of twelve when his father got him the Rolling Stones compilation album Solid Rock on cassette tape, Matt Lee has become one of the most devoted Stones fan, amassing a collection which at the last count, numbered 2789 original artifacts.

With such a large collection, Matt is keen to share it with others and for the past five years has been working on his Rolling Stones museum which he calls the “Hot Stuff Archive”. Currently the collection is open to the public by appointment only.

For those unable to travel to London and visit the museum, part of Lee’s collection has been recently showcased in his book Hot Stuff: The Story of the Rolling Stones: Through the Ultimate Memorabilia Collection which is comprised of nearly one and half thousand photographs featuring many rare and previously unpublished items of memorabilia from his collection. [mag_btm] joined Matt Lee in his archive to find out how his obsession with collecting began while browsing through hundreds of artifacts and talking about some of his favourite ones. Try and spot the toilet seat cover!