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Duran Duran in New York, 1984 by Denis O'Regan

Careless Memories : “Capturing the madness that no one has ever seen.”

Available for purchase in the MAG Store, the limited edition luxury coffee table book Careless Memories has been specially curated by Duran Duran and photographer Denis O’Regan, documenting the band’s record-breaking 1984 tour.

I first met Duran Duran when I went backstage. I had to photograph the show for a German magazine and I met John, and he knew my photographs from the NME. I went on tour with David Bowie, and we ended up in Australia at the same time as Duran Duran who were beginning their tour and had just recorded Seven and the Ragged Tiger.
I was finishing up with Bowie so they said, “will you come on tour with us?” and so that’s what happened!

Denis O’Regan

“I covered every day of the Sing Blue Silver tour, and that’s what this book is”, says photographer Denis O’Regan about the outcome of his extensive work with the band.

Careless Memories comes in three different limited editions: Collector, Elite and Exclusive.

John and I have been speaking to Denis O’Regan about doing a photo book for probably…… twenty-something years now? And Denis – bless him! – has these amazing images from our ’83-‘84 tour. He was the one person around that we all trusted, that was there every day capturing what went on, all the madness that no one has ever seen.

Nick Rhodes

As 2022 marks a very special year in Duran Duran’s history – with the 40th anniversary of their album Rio and the band’s induction into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame – the book represents an important part of the band’s history and a chance for collectors and fans to immerse themselves in the Birmingham band’s world with this incredible insight into life on the road with the band at the peak of their fame.

It’s a permanent document to be treasured.