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Caroline at work with Ronnie Wood. Courtesy of Caroline Clements

Backstage stories from a Hair and Makeup guru

In the UK Caroline Clements is possibly one of the most re-knowned hair and makeup artists today having working across theatre, film, TV and rock & roll for over 40 years. Learning her trade in the hallowed rooms of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre, Caroline also worked on musicals including Les Miserables and film sets including Mohamed Ali and the Last Of The Mohicans. Famous figures along the way include Broadway stars such as Patti LuPone and of course the Rolling Stones who she toured with for many years.

Here she talks to MAG_BTM about her beginnings as a hairdresser in London and how her career developed into becoming an international fixture on Virgin Atlantic!

  1. Early beginnings

  2. Crossing over from hair to make up

    Caroline with Shirley McClean. Image courtesy of Caroline Clements

  3. Meeting Mick Jagger and the working with the Stones

    Caroline with Ronnie Wood. Image courtesy of Caroline Clements

  4. The birth of the customised makeup boxes

    Caroline with one of her inventions. Image courtesy of Caroline Clements

  5. Meeting Patti LuPone for the first time

    Backstage scene. Image courtesy of Caroline Clements

  6. Fun Times with Jerry Hall

    Signed poster from The Graduate stage adaptation 2000. Courtesy Caroline Clements

  7. Keepsakes and reminders

    Image courtesy of Caroline Clements